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Dan Bongino
10/25/2021 – Ep. 1633 Join The Rebellion

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Ben Shapiro

10/13/2021 – The Biden Who Stole Christmas | Ep. 1353

Pat Gray

10/13/2021 – Glimmers of Hope

Verdict: With Ted Cruz

09/17/2021 – Biden’s Bullsh*t | Ep. 87

Charlie Kirk

10/13/2021 – Loudon County Coverup—Fighting The Battle for American Schools

Michael Knowles

10/13/2021 – Superman Is Now Super Gay | Ep. 863

Hodge Twins

10/13/2021 – Texas School Shooter Out On Bond

Matt Walsh

10/13/2021 – Gay Superman Defeats Climate Change And Racism | Ep. 817

Bongino Report

10/13/2021 – Joe Rogan Brings Fact, EMBARRASSES CNN Medical Correspondent Over Vaccines For Kids


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Louder With Crowder

10/11/2021 – Dave Chapelle & Tucker Carlson CANCELLED?? Screw the Woke Mob!

Dinesh D’Souza

10/11/2021 – ARCHITECT OF THE MODERN WORLD Dinesh D’Souza Podcast Ep 193

Drew Berquist

10/08/2021 – Biden Openly Lies Again About COVID and Mandatory Vax…Again | Booze & Banter | Ep 267

Daily Caller

10/10/2021 – Chuck Todd Asks Stephanie Grisham The Question No One Else Has: ‘Why Should We Believe You?

Mikhaila Peterson

10/12/2021 – Leaving the Cult of Wokeness | Africa Brooke – MP Podcast #120

Matt Christiansen

10/11/2021 – Fauci Claims Vaccine Prevents Individual from Getting Infected of COVID-19

The Right View w/Lara Trump

10/08/2021 – Healthcare workers were the HEROES of 2020, and Joe Biden has now made them the VILLAINS of 2021!

The Gateway Pundit

10/11/2021 – Fauci Claims Vaccine Prevents Individual from Getting Infected of COVID-19

Smooth Media

10/10/2021 – Trump Rips Ilhan Omar: “Didn’t She Marry Her Brother?”

Bannons War Room

10/11/2021 – Episode 1,326 – Major Food Shortage Looks Imminent

Donald Trump Jr.

10/07/2021 – Insane: This Video Shows Leftist Privilege at it’s Finest

Awaken With JP

10/09/2021 – Why College Is a “GREAT” Idea in 2021

Right Side Broadcasting

10/09/2021 – FULL SPEECH: President Donald J. Trump Speech in Des Moines, IA 10/9/21

Diamond and Silk

10/05/2021 – Alan Dershowitz On The Class Action Lawsuit Against Dominion

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