Sen James Lankford (R, OK) recently asked Homeland Security Secretary Mayorkas where the money is, that has already been approved and put into law, that was supposed to be used finishing parts of the border wall.

After four months of continued illegal crossings at the southern border, the Homeland Security secretary claims that there is a study as to how to use the money that has been earmarked for completing parts of the border wall.

Sen. Lankford stated that he did not understand why it takes a study to hang the gates federal law has already provided money for. 

Lankford asks Mayorkas why 19,000 illegal aliens have been released into the country without notice to appear documents being issued as is supposed to be done at Border Patrol offices before those apprehended are released.

Mayorkas pulled a Jen Psaki and did a “circle back” to the question of how many people have been released, according to his office, without notice to appear and said he would get back to the senator with numbers as soon as he has them. The people released into the country and given notice to appear or to self-report to an ICE office are family units meaning at least one child is present with those being released.

Lankford said that ICE deportations have fallen from January to April of this year by 50% and that ICE deportations have fallen 70% from October 2020 to April of this year. 


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